Graphic Designer Cover Letter Sample


Dear Mr/Mrs Example,

Recently I came across your advertisement for a graphic designer in the NY Times. I looked up your company and found out that your service vision statement does correspond to my vision of the company I’d like to work in. The way this company is caring about both its customers and the staff is admirable.  Besides, your company gives lots of opportunities to people like me who are good at what they do but since they just graduated they don’t have experience for which the most of employers are looking.

That’s why I think such people will do their best and repay the kindness they received. And my qualifications which I gained while studying at NY University and doing freelancing jobs would benefit your company. Additionally, I am a proficient user of Adobe CS Suite, InDesign and Sketch Up Pro. To prove that I’m pretty good at graphic design I attached my portfolio.

Being a part of your team could be a dream of any person looking for a job. And I do hope I can have a chance at becoming an integral part of this team.  And I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Your Name

graphic design cover letter sample


Dear Mr/Mrs Example,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joan Rubens and I’ve been working as a graphic designer for over ten years. I have a Master Degree in Graphic Art and I am skilled at using Adobe Creative Suite, especially, Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and 3D imaging software such as Maya, Hexagon, and CATIA. Beside design-programs skills, thanks to my experience I can see the final product at the very first steps of the working process.

I strongly believe clients are looking for cost-effective and practical solutions and I do my best give them these solutions. Additionally, I know that the client is important but if I see that he or she is on the wrong trek, I will try to present a couple of different concepts and ideas which will show the client that there’s always more than one solution to the problem.

Previously, I worked for companies, who were dealing with advertisements, website designing, books and magazines publishing. Such jobs allowed me to gain a set of skills that benefits not only my personal development, but any company that is willing to hire me.  Besides, I am a team player and I am ready to guide those who do lack some skills or who can learn from my expertise.

Since I am looking forward to working in a creative and a highly motivated team, I thought your company is the best choice. Working for a reputable company that looks out for its clients and especially employees is my dream. And since what I said above is about your company, I do hope I will become a part of your wonderful team.

I do hope my expertise suits your requirements and I will have an opportunity to me your personally and discuss anything you want to hear about my professional accomplishments and ideas.



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