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To get your dream job, you must write a job-winning cover letter.executive assistant cover letter sample And if you do dream of becoming an executive assistant, you should customize your cover letter according to its intent and the requirements of the company you are applying for a job. Below, you will find samples of cover letter for the executive assistant resume that served me as the guide to write my cover letter. Use them as templates, personalize them and as a result you’ll have unique executive assistant cover letters.

Executive assistant cover letter sample #1

This letter intends to express my interest in the position you posted at job.com. After carefully checking all the requirements of the job, I came to the decision to apply since I do believe my skills and hands-on experience match your criteria. Below, I’ll list my strengths that can definitely benefit your company:

  • Proficient user of Microsoft Office programs and AccountEdge Pro
  • Preparation and management of correspondence and appointments
  • Ability to collect, organize and categorize information
  • Readiness to get the job done within the demanding deadlines no matter what

Except the above mentioned, I’m dedicated to what I do and to whom I’m doing my job. That’s why I believe I will positively contribute to the team. Actually, loyalty is my strongest characteristic and I do respect my superiors, but nevertheless, I do ten to point out mistakes no matter who made it but I do think before what I say so that I won’t offend anyone.

I hope we can schedule our meeting whenever it’s comfortable for you to discuss how I can influence your company. If anything, please contact me via phone or email.

I’ll be looking forward to our meeting.

Executive assistant cover letter sample #2

In the last six years as a bookkeeper, I acquired skills that ensure high quality competence in serving executive-level officers. Additionally, before that I owned my own but small business. I learned how to conduct myself with customers and how to treat my partners. Although, I failed to grow it, I never give up at it and keep it as a hobby. All these jobs let me grow professionally and interpersonally and helped me learn lots of new things that can benefit any company.

Besides, I always manage my time in order to be on time and do all the work within the deadline. I’m always to the point and think logically so that my superiors know the most important information from the very first sentence. In addition to the above, I have experience in billing, requisitions, and payroll systems. I always do my best to provide company’s customers and my colleagues with proper service.

But most importantly, I’m a quick learner and easily adapt to a new fast paced environment. These would allow me to start doing my job properly from the very first week.

I strongly believe my skills and experience suits your criteria. And I will appreciate the opportunity to attend the interview so that I can personally present all my skills that are going to contribute to the success of your company.

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