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In a cover letter and resume job seekers “sell” themselves. But what should be remembered is that an employer must want to buy. That’s why job seekers must write the most compelling cover letter and resume for an employer to hire them. Of course, you can write only one version of resume for all the companies you are applying, but your cover letter should be customized for each company. In resume you simply name your education, job experiences, hobbies and strengths, but in a cover letter you present your skills and how they are going to benefit a particular company.  So, for example, if you are applying for the position of customer service representative, first of all you should study the companies, and then you can begin with writing a couple or a dozen of drafts of customer service representative cover letter and resume. In this regard, checking what should be mentioned in a cover letter would come in handy as well as googling a customer service cover letter sample to help you finalize your own cover letter.


customer service cover letter sampleIn your resume you named your previous job experiences. The same should be repeated in your cover letter, but there you should mention how this job experience is going to help you with doing your job. For example, if you worked in customer service before, you should definitely mention it and add that since you already have the basic knowledge, you can easily adjust to working in the company, and the company will benefit from employing you simply because you will contribute to the team. If you don’t have any previous job experience, but you attended some classes or courses related to your job, you should definitely mention it. If your previous job had nothing in common with the one you are applying for now, you can simply talk about your responsibilities and how what you’ve learnt is going to benefit the company you are applying for a job now.


Surely, while working in different companies, studying, or taking part in various conferences or meetings or programs, you gained a number of skills and you should talk about them as well. The company is going to benefit from them the most, and that’s why the management of the company should know from the very beginning what you are bringing to the table.


The answer is simple – that’s not possible. There’s definitely something peculiar about you, just sit down and think for few minutes. And even if you just graduated from university, or if you think you won’t be able to find a job because you lack job experience, don’t be discouraged because you can simply talk about your personal qualities and how in the past they benefited your university and now will benefit the company you are applying for a job. While being a student, you definitely took part in academic conferences and did internship somewhere. Simply mention that and the skills you gained in your cover letter for customer service representative resume.

To sum it all up, any sample of customer service representative cover letter is about selling your skills to the employer. Just remember to show yourself in the best light, or like experts are saying, just market yourself. RECOMMENDS

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